Drippy Markers

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I love trying out new techniques. Today I decided to buy the fattest markers I could find in hopes of getting the “drippy” look. I went over to Jerry’s Artarama and found 2 options. One is an office mate jumbo paint marker the other is a 15mm water based ink marker by Hardcore. Both of these markers require you to shake them and press the fat tip down to get the ink flowing. I preferred the Hardcore marker since the ink was water based it “dripped” more. Once you start coloring with these type of markers you can keep pressing down on whatever surface your working on and flood the tip, thats when the drips or blobs start. I held my practice cardboard upright so the drips would start dripping towards the bottom. I love this drip effect, it adds texture and spontaneity to a piece and I’ve seen it used in everything from fine art to graffiti. Although I ‘m sure the techniques origins come right out of the graffiti culture. I remember when graffiti was exploding in NYC in the 80’s the technique was less of a technique and more of a by-product of using whatever ink was available and using shoe polish bottle to apply it. Squeezing the bottle as you bombed a tag ended up creating drips that became a style graffiti culture embraced. I love the technique and its worth exploring other ways to create it and incorporating into your work.

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