Flying High in 2016

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Fly High Poster design from Skulture

Lets get high in 2016!! Higher Baby! Higher than we’ve every been before. Lets See things we’ve never seen before, travel to new heights and destinations. Thoughts and words like this fueled my creative exploration on this new poster design. I set out to get a creative high and the journey took some interesting twists and turns.

I started as usual with a few sketches. I actually used this idea a few times in different sketches. Since I kept coming back to it, I knew it was time to take it into a bigger execution. Which for me is making vector art in Adobe Illustrator. Once I had a basic idea in sketch form I could use that as a base reference to start creating the art. I didn’t stick to the exact sketch format instead choosing to expand on the idea so I could have more freedom with custom typography. The type exploration took the longest amount of time, but I think it was worth it. I wanted the “fly high” text to have a retro arcade and aviation feel. The Skulture type was influenced by old school tattoo lettering and needed to fit into the balloon illustration. Silkscreen posters will be coming to the Skulture shop soon!

Below are some of the visuals that influenced this project. The audio influence came from the new Cold Play song Hymn for the Weekend.

Fly High sketch by Skulture Fly Lettering Exploration by SculptureFly letters sketch from Skulturework in progress vector art from Sculpturegoogle image from shutterstock IMG_0534