Let it Snow

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While most of the north-east coast was fretting over the snow storm of the century I used the storm to help with some inspiration. My thinking was very simple,  I wanted to do something about snow. Since I’ve been practicing my hand lettering and I’ve also been exploring some new ways to execute my work, I decided to bring all that together for some fun art. First, I set out to create some handsome letters for the word “snow” in my sketchbook.  I looked at some drop-cap references from the master, Jessica Hische for inspiration. Then I got to work, designing, sketching and inking the words “snow”. I was after an illustrative style and I needed to take my time. Once I was satisfied with the design, I decided to create my own snowfall using stop motion animation. Stop motion is a fun and easy animation technique that can easily be executed with nothing more than an iPhone. I used my iPhone camera to take a series of still photos and each time I added in some of the paper shred dings from my paper shredder (finally a good use for all those bills and credit card offers that get shredded).  After taking the photos I downloaded a fun app called Picflow. Picflow allowed me to string together the images and add some music and easily share on Facebook and Instagram. If you’re looking to try something different and add some movement to your artwork, this is a really fun and easy technique that can go in all sorts of directions.

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