Let it Snow

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        While most of the north-east coast was fretting over the snow storm of the century I used the storm to help with some inspiration. My thinking was very simple,  I wanted to do something about snow. Since I’ve been … Continued

Creativity Takes Courage

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I came across this wonderful quote from the french artist Henry Matisse and loved it. I needed to connect with this quote more. Its going to be a theme this year, going into creative territory  that is new and unfamiliar … Continued

Girl with snake and feathers

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This sketch originally started out as a study of a wing but I just let my mind wander and it slowly unfolded into a girl with a feather over her eye. I then decided she needed a flower in her … Continued

Skull boy with tattoos and flower

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Its never a bad idea to revisit old work and concepts. This little guy is similar to a concept character a created last year on the computer. This time I used pen and ink to see where it could lead … Continued

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